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14 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Tersedia ukuran 1,5"  dan 2,5"
Tersedia panjang 20 meter, 30 meter dan 60 meter

Bursting preassure (in bar) 60 bar..
Bursting preassure (in psi) 870psi..
Working preassure (in bar) 16 bar..
Working preassure (in psi) 235psi..

Applications : 
- municipal fire brigades
- shipboard
- industrial fire brigades
- refineries 

Construction : 
- 100% HIGH tenacity polyester yarn
-circular-woven twill weave, warp threads multiple twisted
-High-Quality, very light synthetic rubber on the basis of EPDM

Feature : 
-seawater-resistant, weather-resistant
-ageing and ozone resistant
-temperature range from -40 derajat celcius up to +100 derajat celcius
-minimum friction loss because of very smooth inner lining
- light and flexible
-minimum maintenance
-PU-coating on request

Approvals : 
-DIN 14811:2008 class 1/ class 2
-Germanischer Lloyd
-M.E.D. 96/98/EC

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